The Connection Conference was created to bring Chinese medicine practitioners the engagement and sense of connection of a live conference, in an online format.  

We promise you a full day of clinically relevant and engaging presentations to re-invigorate your passion for Chinese medicine.

After the success of the original Connection Conference in May, with over 350 people attending live online, we are hosting the second Connection Conference on Sunday 25th October, 2020.

A percentage of ticket sales will be donated to the Acupuncture Now Foundation Australia, helping to promote acupuncture awareness in our wider community.

Sunday 25th October, 2020.

7 Speakers | 7 CPD points | 10am-6pm AEST

Come and Connect with us on Sunday 25th October via live Zoom webinar. All ticket holders will be able to watch the recording anytime in the 7 days after the event. So you can attend all or part of the event live, and watch any of the recordings as many times as you like in the week after.

The Connection Conference is brought to you by Clare Pyers and Kirsten (organisers of IICMC). Clare and Kirsten, and a group of awesome speakers have banded together to give back to our community, whilst supporting the ANFA during these COVID-19 times.

  đź’ĄThe Connection Conference! đź’Ą



We value all voices in Chinese Medicine, and want to give a voice to more female practitioners.  While women make up 55-60% of treating practitioners, they are underrepresented and only comprise 25% of a typical academic conference. This statistic motivated us to take action, by supporting more women practitioners to become speakers and share their clinical experience on a connected and compassionate stage. 

The Connection Conference provides curated, clinically-relevant content on a range of interesting topics, from fresh female voices in Chinese medicine. Because the more voices we have sharing their knowledge and experience, the richer our medicine becomes. 


  • Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a student of Chinese medicine, if you are interested in practical clinical applications rather than just theoretical knowledge, then this conference is for you.
  • This live event will be an info-packed day of learning from seven passionate speakers who will share their clinical experience on a range of topics from women’s health and fertility to clinical palpation skills and treatment of viral chronic fatigue.
  • Join us on Sunday 25th October, for this special live online event, from the comfort of your own lounge room. Connect with your fellow practitioners throughout the event via the chat function, have your questions answered and learn things that you can apply in your clinic right away.
  • The Connection Conference is delivered online, which means you save on travel costs and can attend from anywhere in the world, regardless of any travel restrictions. It is accessible for all Australian and New Zealand practitioners and students, as well as worldwide if the timezone works.


Our speakers are all highly experienced practitioners who generously share their knowledge and unique perspectives on topics that they are passionate about.

Based in Australia and New Zealand, they have come together to supercharge their communication skills, and will deliver presentations that are both interesting, packed with information, and, most importantly, entertaining.

Mary-Jo Bevin - Using Chinese Herbs for Pregnancy and Postnatal issues

Mary-Jo Bevin has been practicing Chinese medicine in Melbourne, Australia for the past 16 years. She combines her background in research science with her continued study into many facets of Chinese medicine to gain a deeper understanding of how it all works in clinical practice.

She has a passion for treating all facets of women’s health, from menarche to menopause, and empowering women to understand and take control of their own health. Mary-Jo will share her clinical experience in treating women throughout pregnancy and postpartum using Chinese herbs.

Grace Jones - The Many Facets of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women

Grace works as a full-time clinician and runs a busy clinic on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, focussing on her passions of womens’ health conditions including endometriosis, pelvic pain, infertility, IVF support, and pregnancy. Her passion lies in helping women to connect more to their bodies in their daily life. As a trained NLP and hypnosis practitioner in addition to being a registered clinician, Grace offers unique insights into the practitioner-patient relationship and its practical role in the clinic. 

Mandy Gratzer - Chronic Fatigue Viruses and their Treatment

Mandy's been in practice for 16 years. She trained in Perth and completed an internship in Hang Zhou, China.

Mandy’s passion for making TCM accessible to rural communities saw her establish a clinic service in both Katherine & Kununurra, NT. After running a clinic in Darwin for 12 years, Mandy and her family moved to Perth 4 years ago where she now practices.Mandy has served on the AACMA State Committee for NT and WA. Her passion lies in serving her community.

In her talk Mandy will draw on her experience working in Northern Australia in treating the realm of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome related to mosquito borne blood viruses..

Lisa Johnson - Acupuncture for Birth Preparation and Labour

Lisa began her studies in TCM in 1997 and graduated in 2004. Operating in private practice for over 13 years, in 2018 she decided to move Fremantle Acupuncture to a multidisciplinary clinic.

Lisa is a dedicated and passionate TCM Practitioner, having overcome her own health challenges using Chinese Medicine, she is confident and experienced. In 2008 Lisa became a Mother and her desire to help Women in Pregnancy was born. Connecting with Midwives primarily, Lisa also volunteered her time to support Maternity Choices Australia. Lisa’s talk will provide clinical experience in using Acupuncture to encourage the natural onset of Labour.

Peta Favier - Sighs Matter - The Diaphragm, Liver Qi stagnation and Polyvagal Theory

Peta has 30 years experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal and pain conditions. She began her career as a massage therapist in 1990 before studying acupuncture at ACNM (now Endeavour College) Brisbane and graduated in 1998. She has practised full time ever since. Peta has a deeply grounded knowledge of the complex nature of pain and its underlying correlates from both a TCM and Western perspective, including the body/mind connection.

A pragmatic and hands-on clinician, Peta also incorporates cranio-sacral therapy, fascial release techniques (Anatomy Trains) and Japanese Acupuncture to find the underlying cause. This combined approach allows for assessment and feedback at many levels of interwoven systems and better outcomes for patients long-term.

Peta is now sharing her expertise and teaches a streamlined approach to palpation and assessment for rapidly improving clinical results.Today she is discussing the diaphragm and the major role it plays in stubborn and painful disease patterns.

Nicola Douglas  - Five Hacks for Treating your Female Fertility Clients

Nicola is an acupuncturist in New Plymouth, New Zealand, with a special interest in treating women’s health, fertility and pregnancy. She comes from a background in Nursing and while her roots are firmly planted in TCM now, she enjoys an integrative approach within her practice. Her unique style of treatment is a result of her pursuit into gaining wisdom and clinical experience from the more modern Chinese Medicine Doctors of our time to be able to help her clients achieve their goals. 

In her presentation today, Nicola is sharing her expertise and clinical insights in working with fertility clients.

Clare Pyers - Diagnosis and Treatment of Recurrent Miscarriage

Clare is a Chinese medicine practitioner who started off in Chemical Engineering before finding her way to Chinese medicine. She brings her analytical skills and love of science and maths to her heart focused style of practicing Chinese medicine. Clare loves to find the areas of overlap between mainstream medicine and Chinese medicine, and has written a book Integrative TCM Guide: Pathology to document the framework she uses to translate between the two paradigms. Clare studied Chinese medicine at Victoria University and completed an internship in China. She has been in full time clinical practice since 2005, and brings clinical insights to her presentations that are always filled with gems of wisdom that you can use immediately in your practice.

In her presentation, Clare will be discussing the diagnosis and treatment of recurrent miscarriage. She will cover some of the myths and allay some of your fears around treating women in early pregnancy. You will gain new skills to more precisely diagnose a Chinese medicine disharmony in these women, and treat them with Chinese medicine with greater confidence. 


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  • 7 AACMA/AHPRA CPD Points
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