Jeff Shearer

Love Your Practice – The True Holistic Approach

Leave this presentation with a new perspective on who you as a practitioner. Because this is as much about personal development as it is practice development. It has to be. As we both know, holistic is the only way to live. Yes, there will be some ideas to consider and facts laid out bare. But this is not some off-the-shelf plan to make you a seven-figure income within a week. This is about starting with you and working from there. You are the foundation, not a ‘proven business system’.

Developing your practice is not a chore. It is an expression of love – love for your practice, for yourself and for your clients. But this is also a practical approach, focused on creating real change that is helpful to both you and your clients. Here are some things that practitioners love about Love Your Practice:

  • How your practice vision is your medicine for tough days & hard decisions
  • Marketing with soul
  • New approaches to client care COMBINED with self-care
  • Raising your self-confidence step-by-step
  • Mastering money & time for practitioner peace
  • Building support & referrals with honesty and ethics

I know. You just want to practice, right? That is what you are good at. If your bank account and bookings are overflowing then and you aren’t working yourself into the ground, by all means, go to the snack bar during this presentation. But if you would like to help more clients - or more of a certain type of client – and create a deeper connection to your work then this is presentation is worth your attention.

Sadly, being an excellent Chinese medicine practitioner rarely guarantees you for practice success. ‘Build it and they will come’ is a myth. Having faith is great. But sitting on your backside waiting for clients to come is not what is called for. It won’t make it real. BUT you don’t have to be a shark to be successful. You don’t have to hustle. You don’t have to sell your soul.

Whatever your version of success is, we are going to break wide open the simple misperceptions that hold you back from being able to help more people and make the living you choose. There won’t be any pictures of porches or luxury mansions with infinity pools. This is about teaching you the value you already have in your hands - and how you can truly share it with the world.

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Friday 9th Nov
Love Your Practice – The True Holistic Approach