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Not all fertility specialists are created equal

When a couple discover that their fertility might be sub-optimal, and decide to start the journey of seeking help, the first and most obvious step for most is their GP.  More often than not, their GP really doesn’t have any specific information relating to women’s health and they will run a few baseline blood tests, a preconception screen and then request that the couple return after a few more months of trying… really playing on the statistic that most couples (80%) will conceive after 12 months of trying.

If that couple have still not conceived after that extra few months, the GP will then usually write them a referral to a fertility specialist.. and this is where things get tricky!  

All sorts of New questions pop up! How will the GP know where to send them?  Should the patient try ’something else’ first? What if they *really* don't want IVF? what else IS there? and what even is IVF anyway??

Lets dig deep into what makes a fertility specialist - who are they, what do they do and why is there no such things as ’The Best’ Fertility specialist (no matter what the PR machines will tell you!)

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Saturday 28th October 2023
Not all fertility specialists are created equal