Naava Carman

The Inflammation Masterclass

Using an avatar of a 40 year old client with Endometriosis, struggling to conceive and stay pregnant, I will be connecting the dots between egg quality, uterine hospitality, low AMH, miscarriage, unexplained infertility in complex cases.

This discussion will cover and make sense of inflammation, and the underlying web of impact that perimenopause, dysregulated insulin and oestrogen, infections, disordered microbiome and outdated views of BMI, can have.

We will look at these issues from mostly a biomedical point of view, including helpful testing and health tech we can use, but will also spend a little bit of time talking about these issues from a diagnostic TCM point of view so that Acupuncturists and Herbalists can understand what they are dealing with, and make informed choices around treatment principles, acupuncture points and herbal formulae.

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Saturday 28th October 2023
The Inflammation Masterclass