Peter Kington

When You’re Between a Rock and a Heart Place – Navigating the Ethic of “Fertility Acupuncture”

Call yourself a ‘fertility acupuncturist’ long enough and you’ll inevitably be confronted with an ethical dilemma.

We’ve all had that moment when that new client walks in, sits down and says, “I’m 46 years old and I’m about to start my twelfth IVF cycle and I’m hoping YOUR acupuncture might be the thing that makes the difference this time around”.

Contained within that short scenario is a minefield of all-too-common ethical dilemmas for the fertility acupuncturist:

  • do we question the doctor’s ethics for recommending IVF to a 46 year old woman?
  • do we wonder whether any ‘welfare of the child’ conversation has been had with the woman?
  • do we ask whether risks associated with advanced reproductive age pregnancies have been discussed?
  • do we agree to treat them if we’re uncomfortable with the medical advice which has brought them this far – and accepting our part in the process should there be a poor outcome for mother and child?
  • what role do we ascribe our own modality in this complex fertility presentation and how do we establish a realistic outcomes framework?

My presentation will explore some of the inevitable ethical issues that fertility acupuncturists may face, and must navigate, each working day.

My presentation will seek to define the concept of ethical ‘fertility acupuncture’ practice within the regulated era.

I will unpack the challenges we face in advertising our services to the public, while being faithful to the advertising guidelines we must respect as registered health practitioners.

I will tackle client questions like, “so exactly how does acupuncture work?” or “what exactly is this herbal formula doing?” with an eye to solid, ethical practice. There are no clear-cut answers, but it’ll be a fun, honest discussion to have.

I will draw from clinical conundrums which I have faced in my own practice, where I’ve sometimes been mentally and emotionally challenged by what I’ve seen, heard and experienced. I will break these down and explore how I navigated my way through these.

I will consider some strategies I have found useful to help me navigate the ethical dilemmas which come with being a fertility acupuncturist.  This discussion will include setting clear ethical boundaries and caring for your own Heart to avoid ‘empathy fatigue’ and practitioner burnout.

And, finally, I will discuss my take on being the best practitioner you can be, offering the highest quality care for your clients, while being ethical, integrous and “successful” – with your Heart, always, in the right place.


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Sunday 19th July 2020
When You’re Between a Rock and a Heart Place – Navigating the Ethic of “Fertility Acupuncture” Q&A