Peter Kington

It Takes Two: Reinvigorating the Male Reproductive Mojo

We’ve all been there before: that moment when Mrs Jones makes an appointment for Mr Jones because the Jones’ have been told Mr Jones has a problem with his sperm and their only hope of conception is IVF…

…except there is one small problem, when he arrives for his appointment it is obvious Mr Jones would much rather be anywhere other than your consult room, doing anything else other than having acupuncture and you’ve just had that sinking feeling that “this isn’t going to end well”.

This presentation will unpick and explore this dilemma - the y dilemma being an acknowledgement of the peculiarities and complexities that come with working with that half of the population who carry a y chromosome, men.

What will this presentation be about?

This seminar will explore the following broad themes:

    • defining and explaining the sub-fertile male: is reproductive medicine sexist and how might this promote a culture where men can disconnect from their fertility and their role in making babies?
    • relationship building with the sub-fertile male: rejecting ‘hope’ and promoting ‘opportunity’; Chinese medicine as a stand alone therapy v. a therapy that ‘fills the gaps’
    • how we can help ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ male fertility: clinical tips and strategies for the acupuncture and Chinese medicine practitioner based on clinical examples
    • the practitioner’s day fantasy: imagining an integrative future for the treatment of male sub-fertility and how we have the power to bring that to life

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Saturday 10th Nov
It Takes Two: Reinvigorating the Male Reproductive Mojo

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