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The Heart Method in the treatment of infertility (Hunyuan Xinfa)

The three main points of focus in the Heart Method of infertility treatment are the body, the heart, and how to choose the right medicine.

​Body - Exploring the idea that the purpose of the body is to synchronise with nature and move towards unification. Cultivation of body and heart of healers - embodying the principles of our medicine rather than just being a dispenser of herbs or an acupuncture mechanic.

Heart - How can we cultivate the heart? Not just in the people who seek our help, but also within ourselves. The importance of making a connection between practitioner and patient - aligning with what the patient is wanting to achieve and what the practitioner can offer. Rigorous self cultivation of your own heart allows you to have a deeper understanding of what is going on in your patient's heart.

Medicine - Creating unification through herbs, acupuncture and what it means to give the appropriate treatment in the right measure.

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Sunday 11th Nov
The Heart Method in the treatment of infertility (Hunyuan Xinfa)

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