We have put together a brilliant collection of pre and post conference workshops to help you get the most out of the conference, and to immerse yourself more deeply into some of the key concepts of the 2018 Supercharge Your Fertility Conference.

No matter what stage of practice you are at, whether you’re brand new or a seasoned practitioner, a Chinese medicine practitioner or a naturopath or GP or chiropractor - we can help you to really capitalise on the information and clinical expertise you’ll be exposed to over the duration of the conference.

Pre-conference Events

Getting To The Point

The elegant approach to managing patient interactions


Kirsten Wolfe & Paul Mischel

April 28th - 29th, 2018

Deskworx, Melbourne

Facilitated by Kirsten Wolfe (Fertile Life) & Paul Mischel (The Corporate Warrior®)

In your Acupuncture practice do you struggle with any of the following issues?

  • Keeping to time with each of your patients?
  • Managing emotional clients in a manner that doesn’t ruin the rhythm of your sessions or leave them feeling emotionally unsupported?
  • Feeling overwhelmed or rushed when trying to run two or more rooms simultaneously?
  • Keeping patients committed and compliant with medium to long-term treatment?

When you attend the ”Getting To The Point” two day workshop you will:

  • Improve your ability to build deep connections with your patient's conscious mind and more importantly their subconscious mind.
  • Understand the importance of eliciting your client's values at the initial intake interview and unlock the power of creating a values aligned approach to treatment.
  • Discover how to structure your patient interactions so that you can move smoothly through your consultations and keep to time.
  • Know how to condition your patients to be on time, commit to their treatment plan and have them jealously protect their appointment times.
  • Gain insight into how to use hypnotic language in a manner that increases the odds of success and leverages the power of the subconscious mind in supporting your treatments.
  • Learn how to utilise powerful principles from social science research that will help you grow your business, improve your status as a Practitioner and promote increased compliance with your requests and suggestions.
  • Understand how to facilitate shifts in your patient's perspective, so that they can more readily move on from disappointments, sticking points, obstacles and hurdles.


True Fertility - Opening up to the source of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians


Randine Lewis

8th November 2018

Deskworx - Melbourne

$695 - Full payment non refundable

This one day workshop will take practitioners through the themes of the 8 Miraculous Meridians and help them work on deeper psycho-emotional levels with their patients. This a workshop that involves emotional work by the practitioner to better know themselves so to facilitate for their patients in a more congruent way.

What some participants for the retreat thought:

"The retreat was a wonderful experience, to be in the presence of a true master who obviously knew her stuff inside out, but has now gone way beyond that, to a deeper, inner knowing. It was a privilege to absorb some of that deeper knowledge and search for that place within me. If you're searching for some deeper meaning to Chinese Medicine and yourself, I'd recommend it." Catherine


Last weekend I had the privilege of receiving wisdom directly from one of my long time Chinese Medicine Fertility mentors and person I admire greatly, Dr Randine Lewis. A truely wise and wild woman.Chinese Medicine as it is practiced these days has lost a lot of its Heart. The soul exists, the information is there, but the feeling is missing.

The feminine mystery’s, the depths, the dark, the flow. The knowing.

Originally, like many ancient healing arts, this Medicine was called down by the Women Shamans and was passed through a female lineage of healers.

It’s a long but familiar story. Divine feminine gets knocked from her Goddess-worshipped throne, the patriarchy gains presence and standing, shifting the evolution and handing down of knowledge. The medicine was taken, quite literally, out of the hands of our wise women, and into the hands of wise men.

Over the thousands of years that is has been shared, it has been via its more masculine transmission.

The written word over the spoken one.

The structured schooling and regulation of medicine over the mountain-top foraging and harvesting of herbs.

The laser focus over the felt appreciation.

Much lost.

Getting to learn from a living master of their art is one thing, getting to learn directly from them over four days is another thing entirely.

Practising daily Feminine Qi Gong made it nourishing and restorative. Food prepared with Love helped us to be centred and grounded. And spending time with 26 other Women, other Doctors of Chinese Medicine, made it powerfully profound.

This was a deep dive into the foundations of Chinese Medicine in its feminine transmission. Female wisdom. Deeper knowledge of our capabilities as women. Deeper understanding.

We journeyed deep into the Fertile Heart and the Fertile Soul.

The Dark Heart - AMY Rhodes

Very limited numbers as this will be a small intimate workshop capped at 20 participants.

The Seminar Room at Deskworx - Melbourne

5 Spirits Incarnating Retreat

May 25th-28, 2018

Gymea Eco Resort (Northern NSW)

$1700 includes 3 day intimate seminar, meals and twin share accommodation.


Taking a Heart centred approach to treating Infertility


Yaron Seidman

12th - 13th November 2018

Deskworx - Melbourne

14 CPD Points

$495 - Early Bird

In this two day workshop, Yaron will cover the foundations of HunYuan method. Expanding on the content of his IICMC lecture, Yaron explores each of these topics in great depth: 

Body - Exploring the idea that the purpose of the body is to synchronise with nature and move towards unification. Cultivation of body and heart of healers - embodying the principles of our medicine rather than just being a dispenser of herbs or an acupuncture mechanic.

Heart - How can we cultivate the heart? Not just in the people who seek our help, but also within ourselves. The importance of making a connection between practitioner and patient - aligning with what the patient is wanting to achieve and what the practitioner can offer. Rigorous self cultivation of your own heart allows you to have a deeper understanding of what is going on in your patient's heart.

Medicine - Creating unification through herbs, acupuncture and what it means to give the appropriate treatment in the right measure.

This 2 day workshop will help fertility practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of the application of acupuncture, herbal medicine and other tools in the treatment of infertility.

The Hunyuan system of diagnosis and treatment will be covered over this 2 day seminar including the use of music and exercises to help cultivate a connection between the heart and the centre (Dan Tian).  Yaron will explore the importance of a calm and centred heart in understanding infertility and with the application of treatment using the heart method.

Limited numbers capped at 60 participants

Integrative TCM Webinars


Clare Pyers

Clare has a number of webinars available now to watch and increase your knowledge base in all things integrative TCM!

Integrative TCM for Autoimmune disease - March 20th
Integrative TCM fertility - March 30th
Fertility and hormonal health for women in their 40s - April 9th
The Yin and Yang of Methylation: Genetics and SNPs in the TCM clinic - April 20th
CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) from a TCM perspective - May 7th
Headaches - an Integrative TCM approach - May 18th
Gu syndrome - theory and applications in a modern TCM clinic - June 12th
TCM view of common supplements, vitamins and minerals, and their clinical application - June 28th
Methylation, genetics and supporting pregnancy with Integrative TCM - July 10th
Unraveling difficult cases using an Integrative approach - July 19th
Integrative TCM to treat stress and support the adrenals - August 7th
Treating the skin with an Integrative TCM approach - August 16th
TCM fertility basics - September 11th
Fertility blood markers - October 23rd

An Abundant Practice


Clare Pyers & Kirsten Wolfe

A full day of practical strategies and planning to get your practice on track to getting better outcomes for more patients, and making more money in the process.

This workshop is like a bootcamp for your clinic and is suitable for practitioners who are serious about creating a financially sustainable and rewarding practice.

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Clinical Success in the Treatment of Infertility

Presenter to be Announced

Post Conference Workshop

7 CPD Points

Chinese medicine has been treating infertility for over 1,000 years, with many texts writing about treatment approaches and herbal formulas that have been found to be clinically effective. In this full day workshop, we will connect Chinese medicine practitioners with the roots of Chinese medicine fertility theory, and go deep into the sophisticated theory and pathophysiology of the Qi mechanisms behind infertility. 

Bringing this forward into the modern day, we will discuss the herbal formulas and acupuncture point combinations that use our highly nuanced treatment framework that bring the best clinical success to your fertility patients. This post conference workshop gives 7 CPD points, and will help you to consolidate the information presented at IICMC and go home with new, effective and multi-layered treatment approaches to apply in clinic.

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Clinical Success with an Integrative Fertility Approach

Presenter to be Announced

Using a Chinese medicine framework to get more patients pregnant quicker.

You can enhance the results of your integrative fertility approach, help to reduce the need for testing, and get to the right treatment quicker with a Yin/Yang analysis of your patients.

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