10th-11th Sept 2022
FERTILITY Practitioners Collective



Sept 10th-11 2022 |  CONFERENCE

Join world leading experts as they share the heart knowledge of treatitng fertility, pregnancy & post natal. Three days of immersive learning!



As you are very aware of the global changes around COVID-19,  Those that know that know us know we think outside the box and create completely different conferences.  We don't know if the next conference will be in persons or online or a combination of both but we do know we  will do  something  innovative because we believe in supporting our practitioner community and continuing to be of service no matter the circumstances.

IICMC2022 - will be our best yet

Heart based fertility practice is the best practice!

  • Explore the intricacies of treating fertility, pregnancy & post natal patients
  • Hours of fertility and women's health content, full of treatment insights from new & well known experienced practitioners
  • Get new perspectives on dealing with difficult fertility cases
  • How to do it all in a way that gets great outcomes for your patients

 Whether you are a new practitioner, or whether you run a general clinical practice - any practitioner who treats will have experienced at least one of these problems:

  • You’re still nervous or lacking the skills to confidently treat fertility patients
  • You feel like there’s so much to know when it comes to treating fertility patients, and you need as much exposure to this knowledge base as you can get
  • You’re good with treating the basics, but as soon as a tricky patient comes along you lose your mojo and you're not sure how to best proceed
  • You wonder if your success rate with patients could be better
  • You see a patient who has been diagnosed with something you’ve never heard of before, and you have no idea what to do to help them
  • A patient tells you they have a particular problem and your heart sinks because you don’t really know an effective way to treat it
  • You’re a seasoned expert who is confident in treating fertility patients, but you have no idea what other  practitioners and other  experts around the world are doing that is new, different or innovative. You wonder if you might be missing something.
  • You’re keen to learn from world class experts in a face-to-face environment, but it’s so rare to have any seminars based in Australia.

We get it, we have experienced these problems too in the past and moved through them. And as local practitioners we thought it was about time we bought a world class solution to Australia to solve our problems.

. The clinical reality is far more complex than it has ever been in the past, and many fertility patients seeking our help require a level of clinical expertise that requires specialised, in depth training without forgetting the heart.

This conference isn’t for everyone, but it IS for...

  • Australian practitioners who want exposure to world-class experts in fertility, pregnancy & post natal
  • Practitioners looking to increase clinical success rates
  • New practitioners wanting to increase their knowledge and skills in women's health treating from a heart bases
  • Seasoned practitioners who want to be at the cutting edge and know the latest about all things TCM
  • Practitioners wanting to enhance their fertility clinical skills.
  • Practitioners who want insights into making their practice more aligned with their values, whilst getting better outcomes for their patients

It doesn't matter what your current knowledge base is ... it can always be better. You can always learn more, become a better practitioner and create better outcomes.

This event is for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of working from the heart with fertility patients, learn new skills  and gain more in their clinical practice!


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Be Inspired by the Best in the FERTILITY Industry

Meet our WORLD CLASS PRESENTERS who are experts at the top of their game. We’ve hand picked 13 awesome presenters plus of course the IICMC organisers Clare Pyers and Kirsten Wolfe who will also be sharing their knowledge.


Clare Pyers

Sharon Weizenbaum


Kirsten Wolfe


Randine Lewis

Debra Betts

Sally Charles

Honora Wolfe

Sarah Fogarty

Sabine Wilms

Wendy Yu

Lee Hullender-Rubin

Brandon Horn

Once you stop learning you start dying

- Albert Einstein -

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Date & Time

Indulge & consume all content on: Sept 10-11 2022



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