The International Integrative Chinese Medicine Conference (IICMC), yes it's a mouthful, came about when Clare Pyers and Kirsten Wolfe decided to join their superpowers to create something that inspires unity, support, collaboration, and sharing knowledge in our profession. Kirsten and Clare share a passion for teaching and mentoring Chinese medicine practitioners and Acupuncturists.

We saw a problem and decided to fix it. Wouldn’t you agree that practitioners need more support, and that exposure to as many different teachers results in better clinicians? There is so much information that people keep close to their chests about clinical experience and there is not nearly enough collaboration amongst practitioners.

Here is the solution. We are holding the world’s most innovative conference where experts from around the world will be sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Our vision is to teach and foster practitioners to become not just ordinary but exceptional clinicians who also run financially abundant practices that deliver the highest standard of care to all patients.

We wanted a really cohesive feel to the conference, so there will be just one room for the whole conference, which means you don't have to choose which talks to go to. We have them all in the one space!

As an added bonus, we have some pre and post workshops to help you get the most out of our conference. Please check them out on the workshops page.


Who are we? Kirsten Wolfe and Clare Pyers are Australian fertility experts with combined clinical experience of over 30 years, running two of the busiest clinics in Melbourne. We have exceptional clinic results, are published authors, public speakers, and have an integrative approach to being a clinician, practitioner and teaching. We both regularly run seminars/webinars as well as mentor practitioners.

Clare Pyers

Clare is founder and co-host of Heavenly Qi podcast, author of the textbook Integrative TCM Guide: Pathology and is the director of Discover Chinese Medicine Clinic.

Kirsten Wolfe

Kirsten is the founder of The Fertile Life Method, Author of The Fertile Life Method book and is the Director of Mornington Chinese Medicine Clinic.​