The International Integrative Chinese Medicine Conference (IICMC), came about when two powerhouse Chinese medicine practitioners decided to join together on a project that inspires unity, support, collaboration, and sharing knowledge in our profession. Kirsten Wolfe and Clare Pyers share a passion for teaching and mentoring Chinese medicine practitioners and Acupuncturists, and the 2018 Supercharge Your Fertility Practice conference was a natural extension of their philosophy of supporting other practitioners to enhance their clinical skills and practice outcomes.

In 2018, founders of IICMC, Kirsten Wolfe and Clare Pyers, saw something needed to be done for the TCM community in Australia, and my goodness did they get to it! Kirsten and Clare gave the Chinese medicine CPD offerings in Australia a massive overhaul. Through wanting to attend a massive event, filled with industry greats, an opportunity to share incredible clinical insights, that was run well, with heaps of fun, laughter and was tax-friendly to hanging out with colleagues - they created the IICMC.

Picture this: everybody laughing, everybody invigorated with deep learning, inspired energy encapsulating every corner of the space and of course, every single person enjoying every. single. minute. The consistent feedback from people who attended? "This is the best event we have ever been to!” . The consistent feedback from those who didn’t attend? “I wish I had been there!”

By popular demand, IICMC will continue to bring a powerhouse speaker line up to the three day event that empowers TCM practitioners. Three days of women's health, fertility, pregnancy, post partum care and professional growth. 

IICMC, run by  Wolfe Pyers Productions, was never going to be a forever thing. They were only ever going to run it a handful of times before passing the baton.  If you know them, you know they always have something else in the works that enriches Chinese Medicine in Australia. So this year, they will move into a mentor role, guiding  us in running IICMC.  

With grace and continued mentorship, Kirsten and Clare are handing over the baton in 2025 as they invite two women to become guardians of this amazing event and take the position of directing IICMC 2025 and its future. 

Laura Vranesic; Kirsten’s right hand woman and Clinic manager of Mornington Chinese Medicine, alongside Karina Smith; Melbourne based TCM practitioner, esteemed Yoga educator, and renowned podcast host have graciously accepted the enormous honour. They are thrilled to bring IICMC to 2025 and deeply invested in maintaining its incredible legacy with Igniting the Fertile Seas.

The rising tide lifts all boats. When we come together as a community to grow, learn and support one another, the entire profession flourishes, in turn creating incredible outcomes for our patients. 

2023 Kirsten and Clare were flooded with praise. Attendees were blown away with the professionalism, high value, and extraordinary speaker line up. Speakers said it is the best conference in the world!! Our community’s cup was overflowing with empowerment. They had spent three days in an abundance of warmth, the positive family-like spirit that comes from excitement and deep love for our craft that is so unique to  Chinese Medicine Practitioners.  

Laura and Karina have their hearts open wide to continue fostering this beautiful culture, and have been working hard behind the scenes to create the best IICMC to date. 

We feel incredibly inspired and empowered stepping into this role. It is an honour to host and curate three days that our unstoppable mentors birthed. We feel very protective of the energy that comes with this event and are certain  as custodians and leaders, we will continue to foster and nourish all you love about IICMC. 

So make it happen. Be apart of this new growth, this expansion of education, professional development and love for what you do. 

Breathing life into your practice and igniting the fertile seas. 

See you there!

Love Karina & Laura



Who are we? Karina Smith and Laura Vranesic are the chosen stewards of IICMC’s future. Karina, a Melbourne based Chinese Medicine practitioner, esteemed yoga educator and podcast host. Laura, a Chief Heart Officer, Clinic Manager, Marketing and Social Media Manager of the highly successful Mornington Chinese Medicine and a student of Chinese Medicine; stand upon the shoulders of giants. 

Who are our giants? Our Queens of council?  Kirsten Wolfe and Clare Pyers are Australian integrative fertility practitioners with combined clinical experience of over 40+ years. Kirsten runs one of the busiest clinics in Melbourne, and both Clare and Kirsten's clinics are highly profitable.  In addition to their work with patients, they are both published authors, public speakers, and take an integrative approach to being clinicians, practitioners and teachers. Both regularly run seminars/webinars as well as mentor practitioners.

Clare Pyers

Clare is founder and co-host of Heavenly Qi podcast, author of the textbook Integrative TCM Guide: Pathology and runs a private practice in Armadale, Melbourne.

Kirsten Wolfe

Kirsten is the founder of The Fertile Life Method, Author of The Fertile Life Method book and is the Director of Mornington Chinese Medicine Clinic.

Karina Smith

Karina, a Melbourne based Chinese Medicine practitioner, esteemed yoga educator and founder and host of the Dr. Karina Smith podcast

Laura Vranesic

Laura, a Chief Heart Officer, Clinic Manager, Marketing and Social Media Manager of the highly successful Mornington Chinese Medicine and a student of Chinese Medicine