We have all experienced the global changes around COVID-19,  and we are now experiencing things settling into the new normal. We are so excited to announce that our next conference will be a hybrid event - with the flexibility for you to attend in person or online. As always, our events are created to best support our practitioner community and we love continuing to be of service to you, helping to support your businesses, and helping you to create great outcomes for your patients.

IICMC2023 we will bring you 21 hours of world class content 

EXTENDED PRESENTATIONS & DIVERSE TOPICS: We have heard your feedback and have sourced some incredible presenters plus extended time presenting so they can go more in-depth into their topic

CLINICAL PEARLS: Each presentation will give wisdom plus relevant information to use in your clinic the next week

HYBRID CONFERENCE FORMAT: Choose how you want to attend, with a choice of different options to suit everyone.

Q&A TIME;  After each presentation there will be time for Q&A with each speaker, giving you more time to ebbed your learning.

Please be patient as we update

CLICK on each presenter's NAME to find out information on their presentation

Friday 27th Oct 2023

Saturday 28th October 2023

Sunday 29th October 2023

  • Clare Pyers


    Thyroid and Female reproduction



  • Sharon Weizenbaum


    Breathing Life into your Obstetric Practice




  • Travis Clarke




  • Mary-Jo Bevin


    Harnessing the Power of Chinese Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy



  • July 5th - July 19th, Live Q&A on July 19th 9am-12pm
    Chunk 1: 6 hours pre-recorded content, plus 3 hours of live Q&A with the speakers = 9 CPD points
  • Randine Lewis Pharmaceutical Energetics of IVF drugs
  • Lucy Lines Influencing outcomes - what REALLY makes a difference?
  • Lee Hullender Rubin Reducing the burden of Infertility
  • Peter Kington When You’re Between a Rock and a Heart Place – Navigating the Ethics of ‘Fertility Acupuncture'

    July 19th - August 2nd, Live Q&A on August 2nd 9am-12pm
    Chunk 2: 6 hours pre-recorded content, plus 3 hours of live Q&A with the speakers = 9 CPD points
  • Sabine Wilms Healing from, with, and through the Heart: The Role of the Heart in Chinese Medicine and Reproductive Health from the Yellow Emperor to Qi Zhongfu to Wang Fengyi
  • Sharon Weizenbaum Classical Perspective on Fertility: And why it is More Effective than TCM
  • Debra Betts Confidence in treating and supporting women experiencing threatened miscarriage.
  • Sarah Fogarty Caring for parents who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal loss.

    August 2nd - August 16th, Live Q&A on August 16th 2pm - 5pm
    Chunk 3: 6 hours pre-recorded content, plus 3 hours of live Q&A with the speakers = 9 CPD points
  • Dr Nick Lolatgis Autoimmune infertilty treatments with IVF
  • Sally Charles Autoimmune related Implantation Failure and Miscarriage according to the Wisdom of Wen Bing
  • Steven Clavey Part 1: Traditional resources for both common and unusual breast disorders and Part 2: Precision differentiation of vaginal discharge
  • Naava Carman Lichen Sclerosus, Autoimmunity and Fertility - a Medical and Psychological Connection

IICMC2018 Speakers

Each time we hold this conference, we bring you world leaders in fertility and women's health. Here's the line up of speakers from IICMC 2018.

Jane Lyttleton, Peter Kington, Caroline Smith, Randine Lewis, Lee Rubin-Hullender, Lorne Brown, Brandon Horn, Dr Nick Lolatgis, Dr David Wilkinson, Dr Dorothy Sobieszczuk, Daniel Weber, Paul Mischel, Yaron Seidman, Clare Pyers, Kirsten Wolfe

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