Sharon Weizenbaum

Classical Perspective on Fertility: And why it is More Effective than TCM

Does the modernization of Chinese medicine and the effort to “integrate” it with western medicine actually improve efficacy?  In this presentation Sharon Weizenbaum will discuss her own journey from disappointing results to highly effective treatments for women suffering from fertility issues.

This journey has also been from treating according to modern TCM to treating from a classical, Han dynasty, Shang Han Lun perspective.  Sharon will share the key ideas she had to let go of and offer the gems that have made all the difference, saving students from having to go through the same disappointment and confusion she had to go through.  The classical perspective is more than just the use of classical formulas.  Zhang Zhong-Jing’s amazing formulas are simply the expression of the classical perspective.

Participants will leave this course with specific diagnostic and treatment methods that fill the many gaps they experience in practice.  These techniques are essential for anyone working with women suffering from fertility issues.


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Friday 28th August 2020
To be announced