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Ethical Practice

Practice is not just about making lots of money. It’s not just about how to get clients or online marketing techniques, social media strategies or leadpages. It’s also not about trying to scrape together two pennies to pay the rent or working constantly to keep your head above water. What do you really want?

Let’s find the middle ground. Your sweet spot. One where you create positive change, and are valued - with real money!​

You are not alone. Many of the problems you have in practice are shared with others. Since starting Ethical Practice in 2009, we have consistently found the top seven practitioner challenges are:

  • Needing more clients
  • Retaining clients
  • Handling missed appointments and cancellations
  • Getting that website developed and found on Google
  • Using social media without it consuming you (or boring you)
  • Inspiring referrals from others, particularly other trusted practitioners
  • Overworked and overwhelmed

You might have other practice challenges – like embarking on new booking technology, training receptionists, financial management or simply feeling dog-tired all the time. We get it. And we are here to help you every step of the way.

Practice is more than just a job. It’s a vocation, something you believe in, feel passionate about and can see the benefits it brings to people. It’s something you love, you live, you breathe.​

Practice is not something you plug into the wall and switch on. Your practice is a living-breathing organism that requires your attention to grow, thrive and become a true agent of transformation. You, your clients, your clinic space, your promotional material, and your systems - these elements are all interconnected. This practice organism of yours wants to be healthy and thriving. Achieve this and you will embody your true purpose. Which is? Exactly this: practicing, serving your clients and being valued for it.​

Sound good? Drop in and say hi awww.ethicalpractice.net

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GOLD sponsor

San Acupuncture Supplies and Equipment

San is directed and founded by TCM practitioners and is Australian owned & operated. We source and supply high end boutique hardware directly from the best manufacturers worldwide. San prides itself in knowing what professionals require in their day to day practice and the quality they expect. Acupuncturists & physical therapists are but a few of the many allied health professionals that utilise and praise our products.

San works closely with manufacturers & partners whom abide by the strictest quality control standards in the world so you can rest assured you're using only the best products.

Our products have gained recognition with world body organisations and certifications such as FDA, ISO, TUV, CE & TGA through rigorous testing and scientific data. You can trust in knowing San has done all the hard work!

Why we care

The people behind San have always felt a deep connection to Mother Nature and all creatures great and small.

Through our TCM work both in Australia and in China we began to realise the impact Chinese herbal medicine could have on some animal populations.

We believe that TCM as a whole is invaluable as a natural medicine but we also choose to help raise awareness about the illegal trade of tiger parts (sometimes used in Chinese medicine) that still exists today.

A percentage of every sale made in our store each month will be given to help raise funds to support tigers and other animal welfare organisation initiatives around the globe, to fight the good fight.​

WWF help protect these big cats in the wild. A world without tigers is unthinkable. However, in less than 100 years the wild tiger population is estimated to have fallen to as low as 3,200.

The tiger's once wide distribution has shrunk by 93% and in most cases tiger populations are restricted to a few desperate refugees in these last remaining patches of habitat.

The future for the tiger could not look bleeker.

Currently there are three main threats to the tiger’s survival:

Poaching and illegal trade of tiger parts and habitat loss

​​​​The team at SAN support WWF's global tiger initiative which aims to double the tiger population by 2022, before it really is too late.

The aim of International Animal Rescue is to come to the aid of suffering animals around the world. Wherever possible they return rescued animals to their natural environment, but also provide permanent sanctuary for animals that can no longer survive in the wild.​


Driven by a passion for seeing better results for his patients, Founder and Director, Dr Simon J Feeney, sent the last ten years scaling the planet in search of top quality herbs  He found that in too many cases the incorrect herb or very low quality herbs were made available to most practitioners in Australia.  He didn't stop his search until found Andrew Ellis from Spring Wind in the United States

Now, in partnership with Spring Wind, Empirical health will be the first and only company to bring these herbs to Australia, Australia's Chinese Medicine Practitioners are very blessed for the opportunity to access these herbs are they are in extremely high demand worldwide

And what makes these herbs the best? Our "Three Tier Testing" process only accepts a "non detectable" result.  This means, that in order for us to say it's a AAA Grade herb it has under taken this testing policy and passed.  This standard is currently the highest in the world

BRONZE  sponsor

The Acupuncture Now Foundation (ANF) was founded in 2014 by a diverse group of people from around the world to help the acupuncture profession reach its full potential. Their goal is to become recognised as a leader in the collection and dissemination of unbiased and authoritative information about all aspects of the practice of acupuncture. The ANF is run by volunteers who receive no payment for their service, all monies raised beyond direct overhead costs are used to fund their outreach programs.

Acupuncture has a vast and complex scope of practice, and is in a dynamic phase of growth. The ANF serves as a stand-alone organization whose focus is on improving the level of information available to the public, healthcare providers, and public health decision-makers about the practice of acupuncture.

The ANF has particular interest in public outreach campaigns, the role of research, and encouraging the development of acupuncture best practices. 

$5 from every conference ticket purchased goes directly to the ANF to help support their work in supporting the Acupuncture profession worldwide.​ Throughout the duration of the conference, the IICMC will be running a range of fundraising activities to raise money for the ANF.

Interested In Sponsoring?

IICMC Conference provides an opportunity to connect your business with Acupuncturists and Practitioners from around Australia and the world. Join us as a sponsor to feature your business and be a part of supercharging fertility practices.


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