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Winner Trading

After serving TCM community over three decades in Australia with a root of herbal distribution more than 70 years in Hong Kong, we have earned a reputation in the industry for premium quality and exceptional service.  We recognise that the business foundation is about the quality service to customers, respect other stakeholders in the industry, and to achieve a win-win condition for all in the business, in the end to benefit the wide community.

 We distribute premium quality products to our customers, ensuring their safety and efficacy not only by certification of analysis, but also by testing against the highest standards recognized in the industry, European Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Pharmacopeia.   We source our raw herbs from their indigenous origins “Dao Di Yao Cai, 道地药材 “a reputation of safety and efficacy that has been achieved through thousands of years medical application and clinic verification.  The long relationship with our reputable farmers has enabled us having better quality control of our selection.

 We have also realized the importance to sustain business, should it be involved promoting the public awareness of health safety standards.  We work closely with the board of Chinese Medicine of Industry Council of Australia (CMIC) to promote a business model considering both sustainability and efficacy to meet diversity clinic needs for health practitioner and their patients; we also assisted Standard Australia in their project for Traditional Chinese Medicine (ISO/TC249) to give insight advice about the industry. In addition, we comply our business with the Wholesaler Code of Conduct, which the Chinese Medicine Board Australia strongly suggested.

 AT Chinese Herbs Online, we catalogue our products into the following four groups.

All our raw herbs are sourced from their indigenous origins. ‘Dao Di Yao Cai’ with correct species identification.

A grade Herbs, the foundation of ‘Dao Di Yao Cai’, selected from indigenes origin of the farmers’ range with consideration of efficacy and value.

AA grade Herbs, the Dao Di herbs with premium grade on top of A grade herbs

AAA grade Herbs, this refers to the certified herbs, which comply with European Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Pharmacopeia, Eurofins tests, and testing for pesticides and heavy metals.  We are expanding our stock of this group following the feedback from our customers Organic Herbs, this refers to the certified organic herbs which meet the standards of USA, USDA, NOP, NOS and EU.  Non-pesticide detected, the safest herbs among all group

Different grade of herbs can be used for different purposes, it seems from feedback; most practitioners prefer the AAA grade herbs, as it strikes of a good balance of quality, safety, efficacy, availability, and affordability.  We also offer customized orders according to different budgets.

             “Quality, Safety, Efficacy, Availability and Affordability” is our motto.

Our goal: Serving to Serve Again.

GOLD sponsor - Alchemy Herbs


Powdered AAA, Certified and Organic Quality Raw Herb

Alchemy is your trusted partner for pre-made formulas that are easy to order and prescribe to your fertility patients. Tried and tested on thousands of patients over many years, our formulas are based on the combined clinical expertise of our founders Kirsten Wolfe and Clare Pyers – with over 30 years fertility experience between them.

Our modular prescribing system helps to simplify the clinical decision making process of prescribing herbal medicines to your patients based. Prescribing herbs from the Alchemy range starts with your patient’s Chinese medicine diagnosis, then targeted add-on formulas can address any reproductive diagnosis your patient might have.

Our herbal formulas are 100% Certified organic where possible, AAA grade herbs & absolutely free of all the nasties!  No fillers or excipients, just 100% pure herbs