Kirsten Wolfe

The Fertility Intake

The initial fertility intake is a crucial step in providing as safe space for your patient 

Effective communication is key to building strong relationships with patients and fostering long-lasting trust. During this presentation on the initial fertility intake, we will discuss strategies for communicating with patients in a clear, compassionate, and informative manner. By using open-ended questions, active listening, and empathetic responses. By implementing these communication strategies, acupuncturists can help their patients feel heard, informed, and empowered to take an active role in their own reproductive health.

We will also explore how to explain the systems we use to book you patients weekly,  1 year in advance and provide a personalized treatment plan. This allows acupuncturists to demonstrate their commitment to providing comprehensive care and helping patients achieve their fertility goals. This can also help to build trust and foster a sense of partnership between the acupuncturist and patient, which can lead to a stronger and more productive therapeutic relationship over time.

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Sunday 29th October 2023
The Initial Fertility Intake