Lee Hullender Rubin

The impact of Chinese medicine on In Vitro Fertilization Outcome

What does the evidence say about Chinese medicine and its impact on IVF outcomes? In this talk, attendees will learn the current state of the evidence, and how to interpret it for patients and colleagues. I will review the most recent literature looking at acupuncture and its associated modalities and their impact on assisted reproductive technology.

The acupuncture-only research will be compared and contrasted with Whole-Systems TCM (WSTCM), a complex intervention incorporating acupuncture, diet and lifestyle modifications, dietary supplements, and sometimes Chinese herbs. I will describe differences between various adjuvant treatments: acupuncture+IVF, WSTCM+IVF, and IVF alone and how these adjuvant therapies impact outcomes. I will then present how to interpret the current scientific evidence on Fresh Non-Donor and Donor IVF cycles.

Learning outcomes

  • Overview current research literature on acupuncture’s impact on assisted reproductive technology
  • Present research on the impact of Whole Systems Traditional Chinese Medicine on IVF
  • Compare and Contrast research outcomes of Acupuncture-only studies with Traditional Chinese Medicine studies


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Hullender Rubin LE, Opsahl MS, Wiemer KE, Mist SD, Caughey AB. Impact of whole systems traditional Chinese medicine on in vitro fertilization outcomes. Reprod Biomed Online. 2015.


Event Timeslots (1)

Friday 9th Nov
The impact of Chinese medicine on In Vitro Fertilization Outcomes