Paul Mischel

Success Has Five Cs

What’s the difference between a typical Chinese medicine clinic and a financially abundant clinic? What are the things that certain practitioners do differently that sees them earning 6 figure salaries? How do you turn patients into raving fans that do your marketing for you? 

The answers to these questions might lie outside of your current thinking

I have worked with many successful practitioners in multiple modalities and I have observed and analysed what they do differently to their peers, and how they do it differently than anyone else. I call these elements the Five Cs and they are the difference that makes the difference.

In this live interactive webinar I will present the Five Cs that all of these successful Practitioners and Thought Leaders share in common. I will provide you with a simple but powerful framework that will help you to live into each one of the Five Cs; as you liberate your trapped potential as a practitioner and business owner. We will also explore how these successful Practitioners and Thought Leaders have successfully pivoted their businesses by building multiple income streams beyond acupuncture that have helped them to weather the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic.