Paul Mischel

The Unconscious Hypnotist

Hypnotic Communication In The Clinical Environment.

Keynote by Paul Mischel

Mention the word hypnosis and most people tend to imagine a Svengali like figure, swinging a pocket watch and saying "Look into my eyes." or they think of a stage hypnotist seemingly making volunteers cluck like chickens. The reality is, this is far from the truth. Hypnotic communication is so pervasive and so deeply entrenched in our natural patterns of communication, that most people don't recognise it when it happens.

So what has hypnotic communication got to do with Acupuncture? The answer is simple, it has everything to do with how the Acupuncturist interacts and communicates with the patient before, during and after treatment. As Paul Mischel states "Anyone in a position of authority who offers another person suggestions from that position of authority, is engaging in hypnotic communication. If they are unaware of this reality, then they are playing the role of an unconscious hypnotist."

During this keynote Paul Mischel will share with you how he came to recognise the need for hypnotic facilitation skills as a Remedial Massage therapist working with an Acupuncturist 25 years ago; and why it is important for medical and allied health professionals to learn these invaluable skills to improve patient outcomes. Paul will additionally discuss his experiences and insights regarding how he utilises hypnosis and hypnotic communication processes to support women during their fertility treatment, pre- and post natal phases and during their preparation for childbirth. He will also share how he is working collaboratively with a prominent breast cancer specialist and plastic surgeon at Cabrini Hospital, preparing patients for their mastectomies using hypnosis.

During Paul's keynote you will:

  • Learn how your language can either positively or negatively impact your client's treatment outcomes.
  • Understand the malleable nature of subjective reality and know how to use this understanding to achieve improved treatment outcomes.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of unconsciously entrenching pain, unresourceful emotional states and perceptions in your patient's psyche.
  • Understand the importance of knowing how to facilitate the unconscious mind to accelerate healing and recovery.
  • Gain practical experiences of how suggestion and direction can profoundly affect a person's mental and physical experience.

Due to Paul's in the trenches experience and his ability to translate his knowledge practically into clinical environments; he is gaining an increasing following amongst Acupuncturists and other allied health practitioners. They travel from all parts of Australia to learn Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis with him.

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Sunday 11th Nov
Hypnotic Communication In The Clinical Environment.

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